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SONOMA, Calif. – The Sonoma Stompers have signed outfielder Bryce Nagata and resigned infielder Rayson Romero for the 2019 season.

Nagata and Romero finished their collegiate careers in 2018 at Sonoma State University, where they played under Sonoma State assistant coach and Stompers manager Zack Pace.

Romero immediately joined the Stompers after the college season came to an end. With the team last season, Romero finished with a .216 batting average and .660 on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) hitting two home runs and 21 RBIs in the regular season.

“I feel like last season I was in pretty good shape but also had a full college season under my belt and went straight into the summer with the Stompers so I didn’t really have that recovery time,” Romero said. “This offseason I focused on mostly taking the appropriate amount of time (to recover) … but once that time period was up, getting my body back into form being stronger and functional.”

Defensively, the shortstop played in 73 games where he accumulated a .914 fielding percentage.

“My goals are more than just statistics. I have goals of being that type of player that can play day in and day out and can stay healthy on the field,” Romero said. “With the Stompers last season we had a great season and a great group of guys and I am looking forward to having another great group this year and hopefully we can get a ring. That’s the ultimate goal.”

Nagata also had hopes of playing professional ball right after but had issues with his arm and headed back home to Hawaii. There, he learned he had a torn labrum. Fully recovered now, he is ready to play with the Sonoma Stompers.

“I look forward to the opportunity to play again. I love this game and I just love meeting new people so I am looking forward to the opportunity,” Nagata said.

Nagata finished his senior season at Sonoma State University in 2018 with a .375 batting average with seven home runs and 21 RBIs. He ended his two-year career with Sonoma State with a fielding percent of .980.

“He’s just a really good athlete so he’s going to catch the ball, hit for average, hit for power (and) be a threat on the bases,” Pace said about Nagata. “So he has a lot of different things he can utilize daily to help us win ball games.”

Pace influenced Nagata greatly at Sonoma State and he looks forward to playing for him again.

“He’s such a great… we were able to create a strong relationship and get on a personal level so I am looking forward to that relationship again,” Nagata said. “I learned a lot (from Pace) He has a lot of pro experience. Everything he said or told me was pretty important to me because I wanted to get to that next level so everything he said I took it to heart.”

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